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Klassikka today and yesterday

You are cordially welcome to visit our school Kuopion klassillinen lukio, founded in 1940.In the Winter War of 1940 against the Soviet Union, the town of Vyborg had to be ceded to the Soviets and consequently, our predecessor Wiipurin suomalainen klassillinen lyseo was transferred to Kuopio and renamed Kuopion klassillinen lukio - "Klassikka". The present-day school  building dates back to 1965. After extensive renovation work completed in 2006, the building became lighter and very modern.

Klassikka has a very good reputation and it continues to be one of the most popular upper secondary schools in Kuopio. The number of applicants for the first grade is far bigger than the number selected.

As its name Kuopion klassillinen lukio implies, the student can study Latin, this school being one of the few classical schools left in Finland. Otherwise the curriculum follows the national guidelines and gives the student a good general education. The school curriculum includes a wide range of subjects: Mother Tongue and Literature, Geography, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology, Philosophy, History, Social Studies, Religion (Evangelical-Lutheran or Orthodox), Ethics, Computer Science, Physical Education, Health Education, Visual Arts, Music, Swedish, English, French, Latin, German and Spanish. The student is expected to pass the matriculation examination after three or four years of study. Three years is the norm. In order to get the final certificates the student has had to take at least 75 courses in different subjects and pass the matriculation exam in at least four subjects. The number of students is approximately 550; our staff includes about 40 teachers, a school secretary, a headmaster and an assistant headmaster.


In addition to its uniqueness as a Latin school, we can also boast of our sports departments, which makes about one fourth of the total number of students. They have a great variety of sports to choose from and they are selected not only according to their mean average like other applicants but also according to their athletic level. The sports that can be chosen are for instance the following: ice-hockey, figure skating, football, volleyball, athletics, tennis, golf, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, swimming and ski jumping. Horseback riding, chess and carting can be mentioned as rarities. Every sport has a special coach and the students have excellent facilities to practice their sport in close proximity of the school. The swimming pool, tennis hall, indoor sports hall, ice-hockey arena and skiing center are within easy reach.


Klassikka takes pride in its roots but it is also firmly looking forward into the future in its teaching. Today it is a very modern upper secondary school, arguably one of the most advanced in the world. The classrooms are equipped with the latest technology, we have two IT classes and there are iPads available for both teachers and students as teaching tools. Teachers are encouraged to learn and apply new teaching methods and pass their skills to their students. Not only our regular students but also athletes can request lessons to be recorded for them during their frequent absences from school for reasons such as sports camps or competitions all over the world. The student is the main focus in everything we do.


Contacts with our friendship schools in Europe, with our exchange students and foreign teacher trainees make the atmosphere in Klassikka international. That prepares the students for an increasingly global world they are faced with today and later in their working life. In 2012 our foreign trainees come from Japan and Mexico and exchange students from France, Austria and Ecuador. This spring we are expecting a return visit from our French friendship school whereas our German students are heading to Wilhelmshaven in Germany and Latin students to Roma.


The next school year 2013 will be the theme year of entrepreneurship. Even now Klassikka offers courses in entrepreneurship. During these optional courses students are encouraged to invent business ideas of their own so they might consider starting their own business or business-related careers after school. They also take part in business projects, sometimes in collaboration with other schools. We have a co-operative business project started a few years ago with schools in India and England. Next year we will focus on these themes in more depth.


Thanks to the modernity of Klassikka, we receive a lot of visitors not only from Finland but also from abroad. The famous spirit of Klassikka is not only in its excellent facilities but can also be experienced in the friendly atmosphere of our school.